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UCL Grand Challenges Summer 2019 Reception

Grand Challenge of Global Health: CHIP (Childhood Infections and Pollution)

Fourteen research projects have been funded by the Grand Challenges, UCL’s programme to support innovative cross-disciplinary endeavours. £56,000 has been distributed through the annual Small Grants scheme, to researchers in a wide range of academic disciplines who are set to carry out a range of research projects on subjects as varied as infections in under 5s, Brexit, inclusion in planning and meditation in schools.

The idea of the scheme is to foster grassroots research by pairs of researchers, representing two different faculties at UCL. We believe that this cross-disciplinary approach makes the innovative thinkers at UCL even greater than the sum of their parts. CHIP was one of the projects whom received the grant and we were invited to give a speech on how it has been used to make an impact.

On 30th of July, Mr Spencer Rutherford gave a presentation about how UCL Grand Challenges grant has been used in CHIP in the reception he was invited. He explained how the research focuses on One Health approach combining with community engagement to find more about the infections in urban slums and how there are risk factors in the environment and behaviours. Well done for giving us an amazing speech, Spencer!

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