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Drawing from their ideas - Aceso Creative Arts Programme hosts first picnic

16th July saw parents and children getting creative and enjoying the sunshine a family day of arts and crafts at a picnic in East London hosted by the Aceso Creative Arts Programme team working in partnership with the fashion community interest company Samudāy Studios.

The team created a programme with a range of prompts for the families to visually respond to using sketch pads, pens and various other craft materials. This included drawing their favourite animal, food, the person they came with and many more.

This was a great way to create enthusiasm and encourage the parents to socialise with one another (all whilst following COVID regulations). We also had the opportunity to speak to parents about what changes they would like to see in their community to aid co-development of our social benefit programme for East Londoners.

We also made sure to listen to the children about the different activities they would like to get involved in for future workshops, so expect to see painting, pottery, stencilling and others in the future. At this arts and crafts day, the children created beautiful artwork which Samudāy Studios will take inspiration from in their design work, while the Aceso team gained more insight into how the East London community can be supported.

By Hanna Agdour and Leyla Keba

Edited by Matthew Williams and Logan Manikam Photos by Jasmine Engel-Malone


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